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Lexie LED Chandelier

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Introducing the LEXI chandelier – a modern lighting masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of minimalistic beauty and functionality. With its unique double circular ring design and energy-efficient LED integration, LEXI not only illuminates your space but also becomes an artful centerpiece.

  • Sleek Double Ring Design: LEXI's distinguishing feature is its double circular ring design, a modern take on classic aesthetics, offering a balance of form and function.

  • Interior LED Illumination: With LEDs thoughtfully integrated on the interior of the fixture, LEXI provides a captivating radiance, making spaces feel larger and more open.

  • Classic Chrome Finish: The exterior shines with a timeless chrome finish, adding a touch of elegance and seamlessly blending with a variety of décor themes.

  • Versatile Placement: Perfect for a range of settings, from hovering over a dining room table, adding ambiance in a bedroom, or welcoming guests in an entranceway.

  • Energy-Efficient Lighting: LEXI is not just about aesthetics. Its integrated 42W LED technology ensures you save on energy while enjoying a bright and consistent light source.

  • Optimal Illumination: Emitting a powerful 3020 Lumens and boasting a warm 3000K color temperature, LEXI ensures your spaces are bathed in a comforting and inviting glow.

  • Adjustable Dimensions: Sized at 24" W with an adjustable height range from 16" to 48", LEXI provides the flexibility to fit and enhance both intimate and grand spaces.

  • Dimmable Feature: Adjust the brightness to set the mood. LEXI's dimmable feature ensures you have control over the ambiance, making every occasion special.

Infuse your interiors with the sophisticated charm of the LEXI LED chandelier. Designed for the modern homeowner who values both style and sustainability, LEXI promises to be a conversation starter and an embodiment of contemporary elegance. Illuminate your spaces with grace and let LEXI be the shining star of your décor.