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Cosima 5-Light Semi Flush Mount

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Introducing the COSIMA 3-light semi-flush mount: a harmonious blend of mid-century design and contemporary luxury. Designed to enliven spaces with a radiant glow, COSIMA is more than just a light fixture—it's a statement piece that effortlessly marries form and function.

  • Stunning Gold Finish: Adorned in a luxurious gold finish, the COSIMA semi-flush mount adds a touch of opulence to any room, making it an eye-catching centerpiece.

  • Unique Flat Opal Glass Shades: The meticulously crafted flat opal glass shades not only diffuse light to create a soothing ambiance but also complement the overall aesthetics with their minimalist charm.

  • Circular Frame Design: Each shade is delicately nestled within a circular frame, enhancing the mid-century appeal and ensuring structural integrity.

  • Perfect Illumination: With a configuration of 5 lights, powered by 40W G9 bulbs, COSIMA promises a radiant and even glow that instantly uplifts the ambiance.

  • Optimal Dimensions: Measuring at 24.5 inches in width and 15.5 inches in height, the COSIMA semi-flush mount seamlessly integrates into a variety of settings, from cozy bedrooms to elegant dining rooms.

  • A True Work of Art: COSIMA is not just a light fixture—it's an artistic statement that reflects a fusion of timeless design and modern craftsmanship.

Infuse a touch of sophistication and mid-century glamour into your home with the COSIMA 3-light semi-flush mount. A beacon of style, this fixture ensures that every corner of your space shines with a luxurious glow.