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Julee Outdoor Pendant

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Presenting JULEE, the outdoor pendant light that seamlessly combines boldness with beauty to redefine outdoor illumination. Crafted to be more than just a functional piece, JULEE is a design marvel that complements your outdoor decor and promises to be the conversation starter.

  • Statement Maker: JULEE is designed to be noticed, striking a perfect balance between bold design and understated elegance, ensuring your outdoor space never looks mundane.

  • Classic Black Base: By choosing black as the primary finish, JULEE effortlessly integrates with a variety of outdoor decors while maintaining its distinct charm.

  • Modern Industrial Touch: Setting JULEE apart is its clear glass shade, thoughtfully designed to house an inner mesh shade finished in chrome. This dual-layer adds a touch of industrial chic that is both current and timeless.

  • Optimal Glow: Built to house a 60W Type A bulb, JULEE disperses a radiant glow, illuminating your outdoors with the right amount of brightness.

  • Perfect Proportions: Sized at 9.5 inches in width and depth, and standing tall at 19.25 inches in height, JULEE is perfectly proportioned to adorn a variety of outdoor spaces, from patios to balconies.

Let JULEE redefine your outdoor lighting game. Whether hosting an evening soiree or enjoying a quiet moment under the stars, let JULEE's radiant glow and impeccable design enhance the experience. Elevate the ambiance, illuminate in style.